Scrap leather projects

I found these leather scraps at the Bristol Childrens Scrap. Some pieces of leather have a Mulberry stamp on them suggesting they are donated by Mulberry and meaning it must be pretty good quality leather. Here are my recent projects made with the scraps, but I have a lot more planned. Including a pair of gloves for myself.

A new watch strap. This colour was a little too light for me so I have since stained the leather a little darker. I found the best way to stitch the leather is piercing it first with a sharp tool seen at the bottom of the picture.

Little red baby moccasins. I found an online pattern for these here.

This is to hold my keys together and it stops them jingling around in my bag.


While doing some glove research I found this little video which I found interesting. Amazing to see that these gloves are still made on machines that are 50 years old.